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Resume Help

Need help crafting a resume that will get you noticed? At RMS, we guide you with all of your important job search documents, ensuring you’re presented to your potential future employer in the best possible light!

Interview Prep

We are recruitment and staffing experts – which means we have our fair share of interview intel up our sleeves! We offer our speciality knowledge so that you stand out from the competition. You can count on us to prepare you for the big day.

Referral Opportunities

Good people know good people! Networking is a major source of job placement opportunities, which is why we offer compensation for our candidates that refer us to a new hire! Do you have someone in mind? Contact us today for more information.

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Industries We Serve

Engineering & Construction

Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level with a permanent position or seeking the flexibility of a temporary role, we regularly recruit for a wide array of engineering and construction jobs. Our clients are consistently seeking qualified and hardworking inspectors, project managers, civil engineers and more to join their teams.


We are proud to source talent for one of the most respected professional fields there is – environmental work. Our specialized recruiters advocate for all of our job seekers and work tirelessly to connect them with the most innovative clients nationwide. With exciting opportunities in areas such as biology, field chemistry, and environmental engineering, we are sure to match you with a job you’ll love.


Interested in working for the public sector? We partner with Federal, State, City, and/or various other agencies around the United States to fill a range of exciting opportunities. We continue to support customers on Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), and local/regional Public Works projects. Our specialized recruiters are well-versed in the unique and multi-faced government industries. Due to our extensive knowledge, we can help you break through the red tape and get the job that you deserve!

Oil & Gas

Jobs in the oil & gas industry are critically important, and we are proud to do our part to contribute to staffing such a fundamental fixture of the US economy. We have extensive contacts in the field and strive to make sure we place each of our candidates in fulfilling roles. We recruit for opportunities in sub-sectors such as engineering, skilled trades, project planning and scheduling, and health and safety at a range of skill levels!

What Our Clients Say

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Jan Masters
Job Seeker
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Jane Wilcox
Manufacturing Company
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Philip J. Fry
Job Seeker

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